Suggested Reading

A great collection of Lean Startup tools and resources from our friends at Pollenizer:

A nice discussion about considerations of differing models for Biotech companies:

An awesome video about creating a start-up… one hour long but well worth the time:–mark-suster-serial-entrepreneur-437.aspx

here is an iPad ready version (thanks to Andrew Ellerton):

A list of 50 excellent blog posts to read before raising capital:

Great list of tech related start-up and VC reading:

Excellent suggestions on making a pitch and executive summary:

Great sample pitch (needs some financials/forecasts though 😉 )

Regular blog posts on start-up funding plus lots of searchable older posts:

Excellent guide on preparing for and pitching to a VC:

Getting your pitch in order:

Australian developed Innovation Toolbox for new innovative companies:

Very useful guide on Stocks (shares) and Options:

Starting a SaaS company (or growing one) – review and read the publishers linked on this post: