What does Yuuwa mean?

Yuuwa means “Sky” in Ayapathu which is a language from the Indigenous people in a section of the Cape York Peninsula.

Yuuwa also has meaning in Japan: yuuwa. 融和, ゆうわ, means “harmony / reconciliation”, a fact the team here were both surprised and pleased to discover.

What opportunities to invest are most interesting to Yuuwa Capital?

Yuuwa is no longer seeking new investments.  Yuuwa’s fund mandate provides for new investments to be sourced in the initial 5 years of the fund.  This period has now passed.

Why mix Life Sciences with IT/communications investments?

The founders of Yuuwa have different backgrounds and experience, the opportunities available for investment are just as diverse.  Whilst the typical investment timeline and funding requirements differ between the two major segments we believe they allow us to operate a more balanced fund.

Who backed Yuuwa Capital?

Yuuwa Capital is supported by private investors advised by Candor Financial Management and also by matching funding from the Australian Federal Government’s Innovation Investment Fund program.

How does Yuuwa Capital make investment decisions?

Our typical process historically included:

  • Desk review
  • Initial meeting and high level diligence
  • Negotiation of Term Sheet
  • Due diligence
  • Investment Advisory Board approval
  • Supervisory Board approval (in some circumstances)
  • Agreement finalisation and closing