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iCetana Pty Ltd

iCetana is commercialising unique anomaly detection technology developed by researchers at Curtin University.  The initial product from iCetana will be a video analytics offering particularly well suited to the security surveillance market.

iCetana’s video analytics software can analyse and existing field of view from a fixed-view security camera and learn normal movement patterns during a training phase.  One the training is complete the system will identify unusual (or anomalous) movement activity within the camera’s field of view.  The system is extremely processor efficient and extremely busy environments (eg peak hour train platforms) may be monitored on relatively low-specification hardware.

Read about iCetana on their website at:

The press release relating to our investment can be found here:  iCetana Press Release

The blog post made at the time of our investment is here:


Agworld Pty Ltd

Agworld, based in Perth WA, provides services nationwide with a unique data capture and data management system connecting all major players in the agricultural industry.

Agworld is making life easier for people in agricultural by providing information management from an iPad/iPhone in the field to a web-cloud content sharing and reporting system.   Visit for more information.

The Agworld platform links digital capture (from a range of devices) with mobile data upload to a cloud-based content management system.  This reduces double entry requirements for customers who work “in the field” and also provides a platform to share data with other stakeholders in the Agricultural industry.

Yuuwa has participated in two follow-on investment rounds into Agworld since the initial investment.

Yuuwa holds a minority stake and Matthew Macfarlane sits on the Board of Agworld Pty Ltd.


Filter Squad

The Filter Squad team build “apps that find what you like”. The business began commercial operations with it’s #1 selling iPad/iPhone app called Discovr Music in January 2011 and expanded the discovery product suite to include Discovr Apps in June 2011, which has been a #1 category application in 17 countries.

Yuuwa’s follow-on investment was covered by Techcrunch and VentureBeat:

Yuuwa has exited from it’s equity stake in Filter Squad and the business is now owned by the co-founder David McKinney.



Dealised was an Australian-based company offering a group-buying technology services platform. Dealised has now refocused on a loyalty platform in Hong Kong under the brand name Sodacard.

The team behind Sodacard are growing Hong Kong’s largest shared loyalty platform.

Investors include Sydney start-up incubator Pollenizer, SingTel Innov8, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group and Yuuwa Capital based in Perth, Western Australia, as well as individual investors.

Yuuwa holds a minority equity stake in Dealised and Matthew Macfarlane is a Director on the Board.