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Yuuwa signs second deal and will invest $1.5m into Agworld

Yuuwa has agreed to invest $1.5m into data capture and information management company Agworld.

Agworld, based in Perth WA, provides services nationwide with a unique data capture and data management system connecting all major players in the agricultural industry. Agworld is making life easier for people in agricultural by providing information management from a digital-pen in the field to a web-cloud content sharing and reporting system. Visit for more information.

We were particularly impressed by the management team at Agworld with an excellent mix of industry experience and technical capability.  Early adoption of the product was very promising and discussions with a range of Agworld customers indicated substantial potential for expansion and growth.

The Agworld platform links digital capture (from a range of devices including very robust digital-pens) with mobile data upload to a cloud based content management system.  This reduces double entry requirements for customers who work “in the field” and also provides a platform to share data with other interest groups.  There are numerous potential applications for this platform outside the Agricultural market and Yuuwa is looking forward to supporting a range of growth areas for the business.

The Press Announcement is linked here:  Yuuwa Agworld Agreement Press Release