Nexgen Plants secures Syngenta contract


Yuuwa investee company Nexgen Plants has secured a Research and Development contract with Syngenta.

The press release is linked below

Nexgen Syngenta media release

You can read more about Nexgen on their website here:

OzAPP Awards

A great initiative from the team at Curtin University is the OzAPP Awards.  If you have an idea for an App then get on board and apply by 9 November 2012 for some seriously cool prizes!

Filter Squad close $1.1m round led by Yuuwa Capital

Yuuwa Capital has led a new $1.1m funding round into Perth-based App developer – Filter Squad Pty Ltd – creators of the wildly popular Discovr range of iOS applications.

Filter Squad has concurrently announced the official launch of Discovr Music for the Mac App Store. Discovr Music makes it easy to discover new music on your Mac.

“We’ve had more than a million downloads so far on iOS“ said David McKinney, CEO and Founder of Filter Squad.

“With the release of Discovr Music for Mac App Store we’re extending our reach into an entirely new market. It’s challenging and inspiring to build great user experiences for Mac desktop users, and it’s been really satisfying for us to create this app. Our goal was to create an app that enhanced the way that people use their desktop machines everyday, and we think that Discovr Music for Mac App Store is our best app yet.”

The investment round will enable Filter Squad to build out their engineering team and continue to grow their international presence by hiring key team members in the US.  The Australian company is on a roll, having recently won the $25k Greatest Potential Award at Australian start-up event Tech23.

About Filter Squad
Filter Squad is an Australian startup that makes it easy to find information and content that’s relevant to you.

This news was also covered by Techcrunch, VentureBeat, Delimiter and SmartCompany:



Yuuwa Capital Founders successfully exit iCeutica, Inc

iCeutica, Inc today announced its sale to long-term partner Iroko (see iCeutica Media release).

Yuuwa Investment Director Dr James Williams conceived the iCeutica opportunity in 2004 as a potential business focused on improving the bioavailability of both new and approved drugs using a novel nanotechnology platform.  Following a brief proof of concept study conducted in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, and filing of initial patent applications, iCeutica was co-founded in 2005 by James Williams and fellow Yuuwa Investment Director Liddy McCall, alongside iCeutica’s founding CEO Matthew Callahan.

Prior to founding Yuuwa Capital, both Liddy McCall and James Williams held, at various times, both Executive Management and Non-Executive Director roles in iCeutica.

The iCeutica case study is illustrative of the approach Yuuwa Capital takes to its early stage investments.  Engagement by the Yuuwa team was pre-business plan and pre-patent filing  – indeed James Williams is an inventor on the cornerstone iCeutica patent application.  The result of this is a very successful business opportunity that has now yielded 10X return on value at the time of first financial investment.

Yuuwa Capital was established to reproduce this model by leveraging both early stage start-up skills and experience and applying its capital at the first (and subsequent) rounds of financing.

Press Release iCeutica sale to Iroko

Yuuwa Capital makes second life sciences investment into OzSonotek

Yuuwa Capital has completed its second Life Science investment into OzSonotek Pty Ltd,  a Perth-based ophthalmic medical device company.

OzSonotek’s first product is a next generation needle for phacoemulsification cataract surgery. The new needle provides significant surgical performance benefits over existing technologies in a market that completes more than 10 million procedures a year.

Yuuwa Capital Investment Directors James Williams and Liddy McCall have direct experience taking ophthalmic devices to market, and will complement the board and management’s expertise to allow this first product to progress rapidly to market.

The Press Announcement is linked here: Yuuwa OzSonotek Agreement Press Release

Yuuwa Capital invests in AdAlta’s shark antibody technology

Yuuwa Capital has completed an investment into shark antibody company, AdAlta Pty Ltd.

AdAlta uses its proprietary antibody libraries, derived from shark antibodies and human proteins with shark antibody properties (i-bodies), to develop new therapeutics targeting cancer.  AdAlta’s next generation antibodies have a unique structure with the potential to bind new therapeutic targets that are difficult to address using traditional antibodies.  They are also smaller than conventional antibodies making them easier and cheaper to manufacture. Visit for more information.

Yuuwa is looking forward to supporting AdAlta in demonstrating the efficacy of its next generation antibody technology and the licensing of the libraries to pharmaceutical companies.

The Press Announcement is linked here:  Yuuwa AdAlta Agreement Press Release

Yuuwa signs second deal and will invest $1.5m into Agworld

Yuuwa has agreed to invest $1.5m into data capture and information management company Agworld.

Agworld, based in Perth WA, provides services nationwide with a unique data capture and data management system connecting all major players in the agricultural industry. Agworld is making life easier for people in agricultural by providing information management from a digital-pen in the field to a web-cloud content sharing and reporting system. Visit for more information.

We were particularly impressed by the management team at Agworld with an excellent mix of industry experience and technical capability.  Early adoption of the product was very promising and discussions with a range of Agworld customers indicated substantial potential for expansion and growth.

The Agworld platform links digital capture (from a range of devices including very robust digital-pens) with mobile data upload to a cloud based content management system.  This reduces double entry requirements for customers who work “in the field” and also provides a platform to share data with other interest groups.  There are numerous potential applications for this platform outside the Agricultural market and Yuuwa is looking forward to supporting a range of growth areas for the business.

The Press Announcement is linked here:  Yuuwa Agworld Agreement Press Release

iCetana wins Broadband Innovation Award at Tech23

iCetana received the “Broadband Innovation Award” sponsored by the NSW Government and a $25,000 prize at this year’s Tech 23 event.

Tech 23 is an annual gathering of 23 of the best innovative companies in Australia. The event was held in NSW and organised by Slattery IT.

I presented on behalf of iCetana presented to a panel of tech industry leaders as well as an audience of 300+ potential investors, entrepreneurs, business mentors and possible clients.

iCetana has a new website up and running now:

You can view the YouTube video of the 5 minute pitch at :

Congratulations to the whole iCetana team!

iCetana to present at Tech23

We are delighted to announce that iCetana has been chosen to present at Tech23 2010!

So what is Tech23?

Tech23 is a celebration of innovation, where 23 innovative Australian ICT companies – including iCetana– will present before panels of esteemed industry leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors including Roger Allen; Fiona Balfour; Chris Beare; Scott Farquhar, co-founder & CEO, Atlassian; Martin Hosking; Ryan Junee; Deepak Natarajan, MD, Intel Capital; Anthony Pascoe, CEO, Lend Lease Ventures and Emmanuel Rodriguez, Government CIO, NSW Department of Services, Technology and Administration.

An audience of over 400 will be in attendance, including government, researchers, customers, industry members, and media. Our company is also eligible for a range of exciting prizes including $150,000 in Innovation Pathways prizes, sponsored by Industry & Investment NSW, which will be presented at Tech23’s after party.

As one of the 23, we are excited to be part of Tech23 and would like to invite you to celebrate innovation with iCetana by joining the company there on Thursday 19 August 2010 at The Auditorium, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills!

We are also delighted to offer you a special rate – as a valued member of our network – of $150 (+gst). Just email us for the promotional code 🙂

And why should you attend?

Tech23 is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of Australia’s emerging ICT innovations, network with key industry members in attendance, and enjoy a great day celebrating Australian innovation. And, of course, we’d love to have you there to support us on the day!

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at Tech23!

Yuuwa completes first investment

Yuuwa Capital will invest up to $1.2m in the anomaly detection company iCetana created through the commercialisation of technology developed by Curtin University.

A write-up of the investment can be found on page 62 of the Australian Financial Review dated 16th April 2010. and at the following web accessible locations:

We even have a write-up in the German edition of Computerweek:

The formal Press Release issued by Curtin University and Yuuwa Capital is attached below:

iCetana Press Release

If you would like to know more about this investment get in touch with Matt :